An encounter in the clouds,

to keep our feet on the ground…

For this project to give birth,

Zee Moon had to coincide with Saturn…

 French air traffic controllers striked for a few days…

Passengers flying to different destinations had to travel together…

 Miss “espadrille” met “un marchand de bonheur”…

Dominique, humanist and entrepreneur,

involved in humanitarian, educational & economic activities 

between Asia and Europe.

Laetitia, shoe and bag designer,

passionate about the world´s handicrafts,

natural fibres and fancy “espadrilles”.

A project in common:

Motivation In Action,

Beyond shoe collections,





Products that celebrate the magical interconnection of the world´s fabrics diversity.

Hand made in Mallorca  in collaboration with ethical workshops from different parts of the world.

A unique product made with passion & respect in order to combine fashion & ethic.

An extremely limited production for real exclusiveness.


Men and women in balance with the spiritual and material world.

Work structures in harmony, here and now.

Dignity & self confidence

in our hearts.


Just as slow-food is the new concept for food gastronomy, 

MAdinlove  slow-shoes wish to bring gastronomy to our feet :

A pleasure to conceive,

A pleasure to make,

A pleasure to acquire,

A pleasure to wear ….